Clay people - firetribe demos

Something knotted in my stomach
Smoke seeps
From my mouth
From my pores
Lighted electric red eye
Got all the skulls
Laughing at me
Misused distrust
Within this tomb
Within this tomb
Surface gloom
Wired up another puppet fuck
I want to touch
I want to be in
Cold my hand like ice
The sins
That I have to confess
Impatient being
I feel
I feel I'm fried
This layer
Layers of flesh
Of my muscle, it's painful
Or is it just an
An annihilation
Annihilation of my cranium

After several personnel changes following the record's issue, the band went on hiatus in the early 2000s as members pursued solo and side projects or launched new bands, including Idols Never Die [1] , featuring Guzzardi and Dinsmore. A new album from The Clay People, Waking the Dead , was released on May 22, 2007 via Overit Records with a lineup featuring Neet, Dinsmore and McGarvey from the 1998 band.

Clay People - Firetribe DemosClay People - Firetribe DemosClay People - Firetribe DemosClay People - Firetribe Demos